How can I pay for and purchase any of the Concise Pre-Med packages?

Use any viable credit card that’s good for online shopping to subscribe to any Pre-Med preparation packages concise offers. We accept Mastercard and Visa. You can also pay via PayPal

What is your customer return and satisfaction policy?

At Concise, learning is everything, and we want our users to enjoy an outstanding experience with our innovative online practice and preparation platform for aspiring Pre-med students. We created Concise to help our users gain every bit of confidence they need to master their pre-med entry exams, and succeed in their first year of studies. If at any time a user is experiencing challenges, has questions and/or requires assistance, email us: [email protected]. Our team is here to support you and ensure your learning experience is excellent every step of the way.

Is paying for my Concise pre-med packages on your website secure?

Concise will occasionally offer promotions or hold sales. To use promo codes, visit our pre-med packages page, and enter your promo code in before checking out. Other promotions and/or sales may be available during different times of the year.


What are the various Concise Pre-med packages available?

Concise offers three different types of subscriptions, 1-month, 2-month, or 3-month subscriptions for both biology and chemistry packages, with a rich assortment of over 1000 quality assessment questions selected by our leading team of medical science experts and students.

How much does each Concise Pre-med package and subscription cost?

Both the Concise biology and chemistry and medical english Pre-med packs cost between $49 for a 1-month subscription, $69 for a 2-month subscription, and $89 for a 3-month subscription.

What are the main differences between the three different Pre-med packages & subscriptions Concise offers?

The main difference between the 3 subscriptions Concise offers in biology and chemistry is the period of time during which users can access the concise e-learning platform to practice and prepare for Pre-med entry exams and their first year of studies.

All Concise users receive access to our enriching collection of over 800 quality assessment questions to help evaluate your level of knowledge as you practice and progress with the preparation process.

All of our platform’s innovative features, functions, and game-changing options, (like the ability to add notes to specific questions, the option to flag questions to revisit later, our handy built-in calculator and periodical table, plus unmatched performance statistics and visual analysis of your progress), are all available with every Concise subscription.


Why should I choose Concise over any other e-learning platform that prepares aspiring Pre-med students for Pre-med entry exams and their first year of studies?

It’s simple. With Concise, ambitious and aspiring pre-med students from all over the world not only prepare for their Pre-med entry exams and gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to master the test, but they also come equipped to conquer their first year of studies. Our selection of evaluation and practice questions we’re compiled by our team of leading medical science experts and students, tested and evaluated to ensure the best quality preparation and assessment experience for Pre-med in today’s cutting-edge E-learning market.

What are some of the best and most innovative features and benefits of the Concise platform that users can enjoy throughout their subscription period?

Concise offers unmatched performance statistics, with a visual break down and analysis of your performance compared to other users. Plus, you can flag questions to revisit later, add notes to specific questions, use our sleek built-in calculator, or reference the periodical table when you need it. The Concise Q-bank was compiled by our winning team of medical science experts, designed to include over 800 top quality assessment questions for unparalleled Pre-med entry exam practice and preparation for the first year of studies ahead.


How can I make sure that I never retake any questions or avoid creating new practice tests with questions I’ve already answered or don’t want to revisit?

It’s simple. To create a concise practice test that’s comprised of questions you have never seen before or haven’t ever tried to answer, filter the selection of 20 questions included in each practice session with our easy to choose options. 

Create a Concise practice test, and with just one click, select whether to include questions that are unanswered, were answered incorrectly, were answered correctly, or all of the above. Concise allows users to create a unique and personalized Pre-med practice and preparation experience tailored to every aspiring Pre-med student’s needs, challenges, strengths and goals. 

How can I test my knowledge and readiness for the Pre-med entry exam under the pressure of time constraints? Does Concise offer timed practice tests? What about untimed practice tests?

With Concise, you can choose to create practice tests that are timed or untimed. Users also have the option to take practice tests in tutorial mode, with in depth explanations for over 800 quality assessment questions included in every Pre-med preparation package we offer.

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