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The Art of Practice

Feeling like the only thing holding you back from nailing those entry exams is a more knowledge and practice?

Do you need a precise assessment tool that can measure your progress and indicate how much closer you are to being confidently ready for Med entry exams?


  • Start with Concise today and enjoy our E-Learning platform’s rich array of online practice tests, with each 20-queston session tailored to you needs.
  • Developed by a group of skilled and experienced medical doctors and senior medical sciences students, Concise was designed to help first year med and Pre-med students succeed in their studies.
  • Over 1300 high yield  questions, ultimate practice and preparation experience for entry exams. 
  • Each question contains detailed explanations and tutorials.


Our Platform: Practicing The Concise Way

  • Create practice tests personalized to your specific challenges and requirements.
  • Filter your selection from our Pre-med Q-bank’s diverse range of over 1300 quality assessment questions, and create engaging practice sessions with each question based on topics and sub-topics.
  • You can even filter the selection of practice test questions based on any tests you previously completed, reattempting any questions you may have answered incorrectly or that are incomplete. Or, focus on new concepts and create practice sessions from the rich assortment of remaining unanswered questions.
  • you get detailed explanations and tutorials for every question, breaking down the core insights required to develop critical thinking skills, and wiz through those entry exams.

Remember, knowledge is power, and practice builds knowledge. Practice your way to Pre-Med exam success and prepare yourself for a smooth and strong first year of studies - with Concise.

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