“The perfect way to prep for Pre-Med entry exams online. I was stuck on so many tough biology questions and this made coming back to the tricky ones that much easier in full tests. Love this platform. Thank you, Concise.”
- Natalie, Pre-med
“I have been using Concise for just over two weeks, and I can’t even begin to imagine what those performance statistics will look like in just another two weeks. Watching my performance improve with every single test is incredible. The visual analysis makes it so easy to understand how I’m getting better from one test to the next.”
- Jim, Pharmacy
“I would never have been this prepared if it wasn’t for the 3-month biology pack. Seriously, practice is everything. I’ve done hundreds of questions and there will still be more to choose from with months of preparation. Concise rocks.”
- Betty, Dentistry
Hundreds of questions in biology and chemistry that I practice during the last month, Thanks Great study web.
- Ron
“Honestly? The questions were spot on. I was totally ready for the test because I could see my progress visually in numbers during the entire subscription period. With every test I created and took, I knew how I was doing, how others performed and what I was up against – my personal challenges and in statistics. Concise made it easy for me to focus on my own personal challenges. I aced the exam and first year has been so much easier for me than lots of my peers that did zero preparation.”
- Lily, Pre-med
“This is the best online learning tool I’ve used, and trust me I’ve tried dozens. I failed Pre-med entry exams the first time around. Concise covers everything and makes practicing engaging with all the details you need to know about your performance along the way. With Concise, I got into one of the best Pre-med programs of those I applied to.”
- Mike, Dentistry.
“The various features, functions and tools that are included in the practice tests are super handy - like the periodical table, calculator, and the options to add notes or flag questions to refer back to them later. Love it.”
- Danielle, Dentistry
“Thorough explanations for every question. Each one breaks down every aspect that’s critical to know of the correct answer very clearly. So helpful, and so insightful. I got the one-month pack and now I’m considering getting another two months because this is such a great tool. If you’re need help prepping for Pre-med entry exams and you don’t know where to start, get Concise.”
- Karen, Pre-Med
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